White Flag Coaching is a life coaching company, founded and directed by Samuel and Mary lee Gunnell (husband and wife). The NPC was registered in March 2019. We have been practicing as qualified NLP and Conscious Life Coaches since November 2017. Our coaching practice has reached over 3000 hours which includes both private and business clientele. We have reached and serviced clientele over the entire South Africa because of our remote model. Our personal and relationship values are closely linked to our passion for our business and work, we therefore do not consider what we do as a job but rather a calling. These values include: self-love, serenity, trust, transparency, being open, willing to start new, inner peace, calmness, passion, determination and confidence.



Administrative Managing Director Certified Life coach, Trainer and facilitator

” Supporting and nurturing you so you can be okay being you “ Mary has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the workplace. She is certified in the events coordinating and business managing fields. Her last position held being the Manager of a retail company for nearly 10 years. The complexities that businesses face on daily basis is what she understands all too well. She believes that through empowerment of staff and personal growth you can cultivate loyalty and individuals who will be personally invested in the growth of your Company.


“Making life awesome by unlocking and liberating you for your best life “

With 22 years of Sales, Management, Consulting and Coaching experience Samuel has attained dynamic and effective skills which he wisely helps others to learn and grow with. With the inspirational story of overcoming Cancer, he has a drive, passion and belief in life that is infectious and motivational for everyone he encounters. This transpires in the Coaching style he possesses, which in turn tends to lift the morale of staff. He is labelled as a Liberation coach which stems from his ability to unlock the stuck place of the individual he coaches.